Secrets of Pharmacists That Everyone Misses


Pharmacists know medications like the back of their hand. They know more than anyone else does. No doctor, nurse, and caregiver know about medications more than pharmacists.

We have compiled the frequently asked questions that every consumer wants answers to.

Generic Medications are as effective.

According to Medicinenet, generic medicines are duplicate equivalents of their branded counterparts. Their similarities include, among others, exact dosage, the purpose of treatment, side effects, and manner of administration.

The reason they cost less is that once a brand-name medication hits the market, it holds its patent for around 20 years and no other pharmaceutical organization can make or sell it until the period of 20 years terminates.

The words “as directed” are there for a reason.

Doctors often write in their prescription the words “as directed”. This is directed to pharmacists and means that the doctor has already instructed the patient on the specifics of the prescribed medication.

Patience will always be a virtue.

Rushing can lead to mistakes. Often, rushing your pharmacist can cause them to dispense the wrong dose, and worse, the wrong medication. And having the wrong medication can be fatal. Give your pharmacists time.

Don’t wait until you run out.

Doctors are the only people who can replenish your medications. But they are also very busy individuals. This is a very important fact if you are taking maintenance medications.

Online purchasing of medications is probably not a good idea.

Just because some drugs are only a click away doesn’t mean you should give in to the expediency — regardless of the lesser cost. Yes, you can save on the costs, but the issue here is buying the right medication and not getting an actual encounter to medications can lead to fatal errors.

It’s important to establish rapport with your doctor.

You shouldn’t switch specialists every month. It’s better to stay in one place. Being familiar with your doctor makes it easier to tell them the issues with your medications. Each doctor has a different approach. The tendency with hopping from one doctor to another is the transition of care.

Asking questions won’t hurt you.

If you think being educated is a hassle, then try ignorance. A patient needs to leave a drug store certain of what they will do next. After all, the patient is the one who will suffer the consequences.

Know when to use a Pharmacy checkout.

Yes, pharmacists are glad to help but asking them obvious questions can prompt unnecessary distractions which can further lead to medication errors. Be considerate.

Know who to ask.

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