Compounding Pharmacy in Old Bridge NJ

At Woodlane Pharmacy, we understand that each person has unique needs and that is why we always put an emphasis on providing personalized services. One personalized service that we are particularly proud of is our compounding service.compounding

Compounding prescriptions is basically a method of preparing medications that are uniquely formulated for a single individual. With our compounding service at Woodlane Pharmacy, we can easily help you:

  • Change the intake form – compounding it to become solid, topical, or liquid
  • Adjust the dosage form
  • Eliminate chemical compounds that you are allergic to
  • Add flavor to make it more palatable

Compounding your prescription is definitely useful and we at Woodlane Pharmacy are here to help. So, come see us today and allow us to compound your medications! We also offer other High-Quality Pharmaceutical Services in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Give us a call at 732-679-6000 for any questions you might have.

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