Compounding: Altering Your Medications for Your Needs


We all need medication from time to time to combat illness or to improve our health. However, sometimes the medication we need to take is either too strong or not strong enough and in some rare cases, you may not be able to take it at all due to particular ingredients that you are allergic to. To solve this problem, Woodlane Pharmacy offers High-Quality Pharmaceutical Services in Old Bridge New Jersey that can help you. One of our services is compounding. So how does compounding work?

Basically, compounding is used to alter your medications to suit you perfectly. One of the best things about medicine is that they are developed to help as many people as possible but this also means the medicine can be too strong or not effective for some people. Through our compounding services, we provide the solution you need.

  • Dosage: One of the main services included in compounding is altering the dosage levels of the medication. By changing how strong the medication is, we can improve its effectiveness for you. With some adjustments, we are able to customize your drugs to be as effective as possible for you.
  • Ingredients: If you are allergic to certain ingredients found in your medications, then we can help you out. We can also swap out these ingredients for different ingredients, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the drug.
  • Form: If you find that your medications are too difficult to take because they are in capsule form and you have trouble swallowing or if it is a liquid and it is just downright gross? We can help with that. We can actually alter the form of the medication you are taking. For example, we can change a capsule and transform it into a liquid, or vice versa. We can also add flavoring to your medication as well.

That is just the basics on our compounding services. As a Pharmacy in Old Bridge New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping you live a healthier and better life. If you are interested in finding out more about our compounding services or about the many other services we have available, please feel free to visit our website We are also an exceptional Prescription Pharmacy in Old Bridge New Jersey.

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