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Secrets of Pharmacists That Everyone Misses

Pharmacists know medications like the back of their hand. They know more than anyone else does. No doctor, nurse, and caregiver know about medications more than pharmacists. We have compiled the frequently asked questions that every consumer wants answers to. Generic Medications are as effective. According to Medicinenet, generic medicines are duplicate equivalents of their … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Supporting Your Community Pharmacy

When you need to fill a prescription or simply pick up some cough medicine, there are many different pharmacies you can go to. Most people simply go to their local big chain pharmacy due to the convenience but you may want to consider going to your community pharmacy in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Here are … Continue reading

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Why You Should Drink Water Regularly

There are many great ways to maintain your health but if you do not want to have to rely on a Prescription Pharmacy in Old Bridge, New Jersey, then it is important to drink plenty of water. Water itself may not have any nutrition but it can provide us with numerous health benefits that will … Continue reading

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Compounding: Altering Your Medications for Your Needs

We all need medication from time to time to combat illness or to improve our health. However, sometimes the medication we need to take is either too strong or not strong enough and in some rare cases, you may not be able to take it at all due to particular ingredients that you are allergic … Continue reading

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What Is Special Packaging? What Are Its Benefits?

In order to help our customers improve their medication adherence, Woodlane Pharmacy offers a budget-friendly Special Packaging option. Our Special Packaging service includes individual packaging, group packaging, travel containers, child-proof containers, and labeled vials. Who can benefit from special packaging? Everyone can benefit from our special packaging service, however, it is particularly beneficial for individuals … Continue reading

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