6 Random Things to Know About Medicines and Medications

One of the most notable developments in the human history is our discovery of how to concoct medications and cure menacing diseases. Without which, our race must have been part of the many names listed in the extinct species.

Despite not being a pharmacist, learning about medicines is extremely important. With sufficient knowledge, you may be able to save lives. To enrich your knowledge, Woodlane Pharmacy decided to do a little research. Listed below are random but very interesting facts about medicines and medications. Feel free to do a quick run through:

  1. Dangerous medicinal combinations.

    On their own, medicines are beneficial components. They heal our diseases and make us feel better. However, it should be taken with caution. One important thing to remember is that some drugs could not be taken alongside other drugs.

    This makes it very essential for patients to disclose to their doctors and pharmacists what other maintenance medicines (and even vitamins) they are currently taking. The human body is chemically sensitive; a slight imbalance may put your life at risk. Consult your doctor for a professional guide.

  2. Anti-biotics and anti-virals are different.

    Anti-biotic drugs are effective against bacteria while anti-viral medicines are potent against viruses. Never interchange one from the other. When suffering from an infection, it is primordial to verify the cause.

  3. Prescription drug overdose.

    Unfortunately, there is such a thing as a prescription drug overdose. As discovered by experts, a huge ratio of deaths due to drug overdose involved prescription medicines. Usually, patients suffer fatalities due to improper consumption.

  4. Herbal medications are not always guaranteed safe.

    Unless a certain herbal concoction is duly approved by the state’s drug authority, never take the same without caution. Just because the label says its all-natural, it is no guarantee that it will not ruin your body. Most often than not, herbal medicines have not undergone extensive medical research yet. It may cause you unimaginable side effects.

  5. Vital signs.

    The human vital signs include body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate. Normally, the ideal body heat of an adult human should be around 98.6 F / 37 C. As for the blood pressure, what is considered safe and healthy is around systolic (100-120 mmHg) to diastolic below (80 mm Hg). Lastly, pulse rates must be around 60 to 100 beats per minute. However, for athletes and other physically active individuals, the generic rate may be adjusted.

Talking about medicines, it is essential to put a highlight on the topic involving prescriptions. When your doctor makes a medical prescription for you, try to follow every single detail. A single mishap may create drastic changes to your body.

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