4 Important Topics That You Should Be Discussing with Your Pharmacist

4 Important Topics That You Should Be Discussing with Your Pharmacist

As part of your healing and recovery, it is important for you to include a pharmacist as part of your treatment team. If you are looking for high-quality pharmaceutical services in Old Bridge New Jersey, Woodlane Pharmacy is here for you. Aside from filling and refilling your prescriptions and supplying the pharmaceutical products that you need, our pharmacists are also available for a consultation.
In order to get the most out of your pharmacy visit, make sure that you are asking your pharmacist the right questions. Here are some topics that you should be discussing with your pharmacist:

  • Other supplements and medications that you are drinking. It is crucial that you inform your pharmacist of any and all over-the-counter medications, herbal treatments, supplements, and/or prescription medications that you are drinking. This allows your pharmacist to catch any potential drug interactions before they prescribe a new medication.
  • Potential side effects. Every drug has a long and sometimes scary list of potential side effects. Keep yourself informed and don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist about it. If you are experiencing any negative reactions, talk to your pharmacist – no matter how minor it may seem. You can also ask them about the benefits and risks of starting a new medication treatment. Please take note that side effects can vary from one person to another, and several factors will be taken into consideration (e.g. age, gender, weight).
  • What you should do and avoid while drinking your medication. Medications typically come with detailed instructions on how and when to take them. Make sure to follow each instruction carefully. For instance, ask whether or not your medication can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. This is vital because some medications can upset your stomach and may cause vomiting or nausea if it is not taken properly.
  • What you can expect from the medication. While your physician provides you with the prescription, they may not always explain what to expect out of it or how it will work. Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with your pharmacist. For example, you can ask them how long before the medication takes effect or what will happen in case you miss a dose.

We are your friendly pharmacy in Old Bridge New Jersey and our pharmacists are ready to serve you. Come visit us at your convenience or give us a call at 732-679-6000 for assistance.

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